Sunday, 9 January 2011

09/01/11 Accounts Roundup

Bit of a topsy turvy week for the market this week as you all probably know. It couldnt really make up its mind and after a couple of good days it seemed to get hammered at the back end of the week after poor U.S. data.
Anyway heres a run down of how each of my accounts fared this week:

Account 1: Pro tips strategy account
I had a few stops during the week in this account, 6 in total actually (just had another peek) and all of them for losses albeit small losses well within my risk management rules. I made no new purchases due to not receiving any share tips during the week, I guess all the experts are still hungover from New Years.
Anyway the overall account value is now £1661.27, so even with a few stops, the rest of my positions pushed the account around 8.4% higher for the week. I'm very happy with that despite the market volatility.

Account 2: Tony Loton's 'position trading' strategy account
I had just one stop in this account during the week - Xchanging @118 for a small £13.30 profit. Better to stop out in small profit than to take a loss!
Overall account value is now £1136.79, which means about a 5.7% increase over last weeks near breakeven figure.

Hopefully the market will return into a settled move upwards, trade well guys!

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